July 26 Saturday Ride Highlights

South on 66th - Taken by Matt Bell South on 66th - Taken by Matt BellWhat a great ride this morning!  The miles and the time seem to fly by.  The temperature stayed warm but not hot.  And the winds were a bit of a chore.  But as you can see we worked together to battle them.  See you out there next time!

July 26 Saturday Ride

Break-Fairmont-WaukomisThe Saturday Morning Ride starts and finishes at Five 80 Coffee House, 122 E. Randolph, at 7 AM.  The pictured route is approximately 42 miles.  But it offers turn back points if you wish to return earlier.  See the arrows for examples.  The temperature could ramp up quickly, so please hydrate before you head out.  And please bring plenty of fluids.  There are limited places to top off your bottles.  Hope to see you out there.

July 23 Wednesday Night Ride

hotThe forecast is for hot and humid conditions for Wednesday night. So to not be out in the hottest part of the day the ride time is slipping to 7 PM. This should allow for plenty of light until sunset at 8:45. Drink up all day to help stay hydrated. And meet at the base Fitness Center at 7.

July 19 6AM Saturday Ride


In an effort to beat the heat and to get back earlier, the start time for Saturday has moved to 6 AM.  And just like last week, the start will be 301 South Grand near the Ballpark.  Some will try the 100 k or 62 mile Tour de Trykes Route.  But if you are looking for something different, check out the different routes they offer.  There are a couple of places to get bottle top offs or food.  But consider bringing extra liquid and food.

July 16 Wednesday Evening Ride


Even with the high chance of showers today, the Wednesday Ride is still on.  5:30 PM at the Vance Fitness Center is the time and place.  The route will be determined by the crazy folks who show up today.  Get that rain cape or gilet out.

Saturday Ride 0700 12 July at 301 North Grand

Enid’s Bike Race, Tour de Trykes, is now 6 weeks away. We’re going to practice the course (or part of it) this weekend! We’ll go at a managable pace, take breaks as needed, and provide options for shorter rides if needed. Distances can be 14 miles, 26 miles, 42 miles, or 62 miles (100K). Start time is 0700 at 301 S Grand st in Enid (David Allen Memorial Ballpark) Parking is available. Maps are here: http://www.tourdetrykes.com/road-tour.html. Bring a second water bottle and a road snack if you’re for the 100K.

July 9 Wednesday Evening Ride

It’s time again for the mid-week ride.  Meet at the base fitness center at 5:30 PM and help determine the route.  Wind, weather, time schedules and fitness levels all contribute to find the perfect evening spin.  See you there!

July 2 Wednesday Evening Ride



Wednesday Evening looks to have very nice weather.  Click the image above for the latest forecast.  As typical for our midweek rides, the Vance Fitness Center at 5:30 is the meeting place and time.  The participants will determine the route.  But looking at the calm North East Wind, a new route maybe in order.  Show up to help choose it.

June 28 Saturday Rides

Saturday Weather

Please join us at 7 AM Saturday Morning for your choice of three different routes.  Please choose a route that meets your desired tempo, your schedule, and distance goals.  These routes were selected to add variety and to help us get prepared for all the Charity and Event Rides throughout the summer.  All the routes start and finish at Davinci’s Coffee House at 2315 Willow Road in the Jumbo’s Shopping Center. This location provides plenty of parking, restrooms, and refreshments.

66th Street Loop – 18 Miles
at 10.0 mph 1 hr 49.46 mins.
at 13.0 mph 1 hr 24.20 mins.
at 16.0 mph 1 hr 8.42 mins.

Breckenridge Loop – 27 Miles
at 13.0 mph 2 hrs 5.78 mins.
at 16.0 mph 1 hr 42.20 mins.
at 19.0 mph 1 hr 26.06 mins.

Garber Loop – 43 Miles
at 16.0 mph 2 hrs 41.33 mins.
at 19.0 mph 2 hrs 15.86 mins.
at 22.0 mph 1 hr 57.33 mins.