20 Sept Family Ride in Vance Base Housing!

Saturday is our Family Ride with Vance Family Housing. All Rides start at the family housing office. 0800 is the Bike Parade in Family Housing (decorate your ride!) for under 12, and 0900 is the 12 and up ride. Between the rides we’ll do a quick training about helmet fitting, road safety and bike maintenance. There’s rain coming on the weekend, but we’re optimistic that it will hold off long enough.

Wednesday Evening Ride


You have noticed that the sun is setting earlier each day.  And with less daylight in the evenings the Wednesday Ride will continue as long as it can.  So if you are looking for the ride, it will be locked in at 5:30 PM and meet at the Vance Fitness Center.  Please use your own judgement on whether there is enough daylight to ride safely.

This Wednesday the sun will set at 7:37 PM.  And the forecast calls for a warm 91° with South West winds around 10 MPH.   Will the chosen route go to Pioneer?  Come on out and help us determine it.

September 13 Saturday Ride


Burr!  Where did Summer go?  Sunrise on Saturday will be at 7:12.  So let’s meet at the Cleveland Trail Head at 8 AM. The forecasted winds will be light so the attending group of riders can determine the route. With this cool temperatures, maybe a cafe stop will be in order.  Ride along and help us choose your favorite place.

September 10 Wednesday Evening Ride

Yes, just as you guessed the Wednesday Evening Ride is on!


As usual we are meeting at the Vance Fitness Center at 5:30 PM.  And as always, if you don’t have access we’ll find you at the Visitor Center just outside the Main Gate.  The folks who attend will choose the route.   The weather should be fairly nice.  Click the image above to get current forecast.  And they say the sun will set at 7:48 PM.  See you there.


6 Sept Saturday Ride Weathered Out

Vance Riders! We’re going to take a rain check on this on in the interest of safety, the rain’s only going to get worse in the next 2 hrs, enjoy your day off or maybe enjoy a ride on your own later when it’s nice, hope to see you Wednesday. Good luck to those doing the OBS Streak Ride tomorrow!

Saturday Ride!

Saturday’s Ride will start at 0700 at the Cleveland Trailhead. Depending on the wind we’ll either do the Breckeridge Loop or the Pioneer Loop. Club leadership may be unable to attend this ride due to some conflicts, but we hope other riders will still be able to make it. As always, all are welcome. It looks like rain! If it’s safe we’ll ride. Check back here at 0630 tomorrow morning for Go/No-Go.

August 30 Saturday Ride

Breck-Fairmont-35It’s that time again for the Saturday Morning Club ride.  Sunrise will be at 7:01.  So let’s meet then at the Cleveland Trail Head, 1321 South Cleveland.  The forecast calls for starting temps in the 70s, high humidity, winds light.  The 35 mile Breckenridge – Fairmont Route (green) heads out towards the South along Cleveland.  Then East on Southgate to 30th.  North until Breckenridge Road.  And a turn South on 102nd and a one mile on US412 East to Fairmont road.  Head South to the rail road tracks and back on Southgate heading West to return.

The Red lines above offer two different turn back points if your schedule or training requires.  First one is at 66th to WIllow to 54th to US412.  And the other is just heading West off of 102nd.